Lucky Block

The Lucky Block is a mod for Minecraft, which aims to enhance the game by adding an element of randomness and unpredictability.

The Block

When you open a Lucky Block, it will randomly choose one of over 100 possible outcomes. These cover most components of the game, including items, chests, monsters, structures, potions, enchantments, etc.

Lucky Items

The mod also adds three new items, which can occasionally be found in a Lucky Block.

Lucky Sword

The Lucky Sword usually acts as a normal sword with 6 attack damage. However, occasional swings will give special powers - examples include a stream of arrows, extra health, or blindness for your opponent.

Lucky Bow

The Lucky Bow shoots arrows like a normal bow. However, it will occasionally shoot other things too - examples include TNT, a lava bucket, or a large meteorite.

Lucky Potion

The Lucky Potion can be thrown, and will produce a random effect on impact. This is often combined with additional items, monsters, etc.

Natural Generation

The Lucky Block will naturally spawn in your world, and across all dimensions. It's quite rare, though slightly more common in dimensions such as The Nether. It may also generate within special structures, indicating how positive the outcome is likely to be.


You can craft a Lucky Block with 8 gold ingots and a dispenser.

Additionally you can modify the 'luck' of the block (or any of the Lucky Items) by combining it with certain other items in a crafting table. This will skew the probability of getting positive/negative outcomes.

Author & Permissions

The Lucky Block (mod) was created by Alex Socha, alias PlayerInDistress. The mod is protected by Australian Copyright Law. By using the mod you agree to follow the guidelines below.

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